January is all about DIGNITY

Thanks so much to those who made a Calendar purchase or donated it has helped some families in the Philippines start to restore & rebuild their lives!
You will find below the new FACE who you will soon have on your wall to share the month of January with you! I have attached the file (on email) so you can print the image if you want it can be blown up to the size of the Calendar (20x20cm) (bit of a bonus this year)!You will see when you receive your Calendar that there is nothing included telling you about where each of the images was taken. This was done on purpose. So for 12 months I will share a story about the image with you so you know the story behind the faces!

For teachers; maybe you can have the Calendar in your classroom, parents maybe you have your children down at breakfast and you look at it… use it as a discussion tool before you hear the story.

We all have a opportunity to be teachers at any time of our lives and this opens the door to a discussion about others around the world, what their lives might be like and the ONE RACE : HUMAN RACE theme of the Calendar!

We are all in this together, we all have the same basic needs in life!

When I lived in Mumbai (India) I used to spend a lot of time walking the streets, heading in and out of homes, fishing villages, and for want of a better word slums. I meet this wee girl down between the tulsi pipelines which lead into Dharavi slum, she was walking along the pipeline which is a wide pipe that leads from the rich area of Bandra west into the heart of Dharavi recycling area. Walking along it is like a minefield navigating from where people have had to excrete due to the huge lack of toilet facilities in the area. She looked down and saw me with some other children and promptly slid down the pipe to a ladder and made her way down to say hi and check out the camera. She was bursting with character and had this brightness about her. Barefoot and her face covered in dirt, a complete tomboy even in her wee red dress.

I have shared this image on my Photography page many times with the quote:

“What you were born into does not determine what is in you”

What can you see in others this month?