Finding PURPOSE in November

One of my favourite images of FAMILY love…. this beautiful Grandmother and her sweet wee granddaughter!

PURPOSE... finding a reason bigger than yourself to exist.

PURPOSE… finding a reason bigger than yourself to exist.

We meet this sweet Grandma and baby in the North of Laos when I was visiting my cousin who was finishing up years of amazing work in the country. The mother and father turned up with the baby having noticed there was something different about the babies left foot.

Happy Yao baby getting checked

A super smiley and happy baby getting checked

Everyone was impressed that the family had noticed the club foot and acted so quickly to come and get advice on what could be done. In developed countries we don’t see many kids with club feet as they are fixed shortly after a baby is born but in so many developing countries the club foot is not recognised early enough or access to medical care is not available so the child goes without treatment and the chance of being able to walk normally, as any other person born without club feet.

Babies club foot

Babies club foot

Sweet mum and baby

Sweet mum and baby


The baby’s parents traveled down to Luang Prabang and surgery was performed that same week as the diagnosis. The future is bright for this wee one with the treatment and follow up she will walk normally and lead a happy healthy life. The procedure to repair the foot was a simple surgery cutting the achilles tendon to release the tight pressure on the back of the heal.

About to have the small surgery

About to have the small surgery

The foot is then cast several times for a varying amount of time depending on the patient and then the child wears boots with a metal bar to keep their feet shoulder width apart for several months. The boots may need to be worn during nap times for several years depending again on the severity.

Finishing up in surgery

The cast going on after the short surgery

In surgery the cast going on

In surgery the cast going on

I’m not sure on how this baby is doing… I would love to know but with the love and commitment the family showed I have no doubt she is up walking and still smiling. Having the access to education on medicine and access to healthcare is something I won’t take for granted again after seeing so many children be denied this across the developing world for things that could change their lives.

Finding courage in JUNE

QUICK BACKSTORY:: We created a 2014 Calendar with 100% of funds going to help rebuild one of the many villages in the Philippines destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013. With the profits from the Calendars and many other amazing peoples generosity we (a big we) have been able to rebuild over a 100 homes and support so many more families… we are now into helping to rebuild a second village where many still need support. These blogs are images (month by month that were used in the Calendar from around the world) to give you some background story and some more food for thought.

Finding COURAGE in June – Being scared but doing it anyway !


Courage – being scared but doing it anyway

Courage… I guess that’s part of why this blog site is called “Strength in Vulnerability”. Opening yourself up and putting things out into the world, allowing yourself to be judged and given feedback that isn’t always constructive from people who hide behind anonymous titles. How courageous are they? I decided they were anonymous for a reason and that by me opening up and sharing is more positive and constructive than any anonymous feedback I get hit with. I hope by doing so this it crosses boarders and breaks down people’s assumptions about places they have just seen in the media and can make the world a smaller place by reaching out to allow others to glimpse into the world I see !

This months image is from Rwanda… a mother I met walking home down a dusty dry orange dirt road in the heat of summer, carrying not only a heavy load on her head but also precious cargo tucked so tightly on her back just peaking out a little to see me. She was loaded up but still paused for a moment intrigued to see who I was, what I was up to and have her image taken.

You can see the wider shot of her and the load below…

All loaded up

All loaded up

With work to be done and no daycare system in rural areas mothers are always on the move and working with babies on their backs. So here are some images from the country that has stolen a huge piece of my heart, a photo tribute to babies on backs, the Mamas and siblings who carry them.



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