Sharing Smiles… one photo at a time

I love taking photos but I think I love giving them to people more… in India I used to go with friends on the weekend to hang out with beautiful children at Mumbai Mobile Creches and shoot portraits, print them and give them to the kids. The children always started off shy but as soon as we printed out the first image they would be eagerly wanting to be next and with so many centres around the city we could always find another one to head to.

After seeing the joy from these children receiving such a simple thing as a photo I started delivering photos back to people on the street who I took photos of… again and again the excitement and joy was priceless and gave me more happiness than taking the image and sharing it with people. Giving back a image to the person who was in it was something special – knowing that for some of them it was the only image they had when we obsessively now share images of ourselves and others daily.

This continued when I traveled to other cities and countries and the response always has always been a big SMILE back and huge appreciation. Check out some of the images below and see how you can come share some more smiles with me!


The first photo they ever got to keep of themselves! My first time in a Mumbai Mobile Creche which had me hooked right away.

_thumbIMG_8964 copy

In the Ger in the Mongolian countryside I was able to take and immediately print this! Was priceless to watch him as it printed!


Best gummy smile


” It’s me! ” Originally he thought he wasn’t getting his own picture as the photo was of him and his brother. His reaction to getting his own picture was amazing!


Anticipation builds as the photos print


Sharing smiles!

A young boy & his father at CURE Hospital in Addis Ababa Ethiopia watch their image print out

A young boy & his father at CURE Hospital in Addis Ababa Ethiopia watch their image print out

Carefully studying his photo

Carefully studying his photo with his Dad

So now I have something even more portable which can print straight from the camera and I can share immediately with kids and people I met on my journeys.  So often I hear people promise to send photos back and wonder how often they do… I love that I can right away hand over a picture to someone and see them smile right away at it.

Wanna help SHARE SMILES ?

If you send me some polaroid paper, include a self addressed envelope and I will send you back one of the images taken with your paper along with the story of where it was taken and the shared smile!

Send the paper to;

International Community School of Addis Ababa
Tash McCarroll
P.O. Box 70282
Addis Ababa

P.S. Just indicate paper only on the packing tag (not camera paper)

See the images below for the paper packet – its super small and light weight.
Polaroid premium ZINK paper 2 x 3″ goes with the Polaroid Z2300 camera.

_thumbphoto 1

_thumbphoto 2

Come share some SMILES with me!

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