Education matters… for everyone

Mumbai Mobile Creches is an NGO working with the children of migrant construction workers since 1972, providing them comprehensive daycare and education centres directly on construction sites that provide education, nutrition, and health services. Their primary aim is to provide children with the nurturing care that they deserve so that they can enjoy the benefits of a happy, healthy, and safe childhood. As they say “It is deeply ironic that the children of the very people who produce the symbols of economic development – skyscrapers, residential and commercial complexes – are denied the ability to participate in and benefit from the progress the city promises”.

When I was living in India I spent a lot of time volunteering for MMC  I got to know about them through a friend. I love what they stand for ‘every child has the right to an education no matter their circumstance’. Setting up crèches/ schools on worksites around Mumbai and giving the opportunity for children of the workers on the construction site to be ale to receive the education they deserve in a safe environment.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandala

I visited over a dozen sites in my time and met some incredibly bright beautiful children along with many passionate and dedicated teachers. Enjoy a small snap shot of them below…

Mumbai Mobile Creches

Mumbai Mobile Creches




_thumbIMG_9827 _thumbIMG_9009

_thumbIMG_0783 copy

_thumbIMG_1517 - Version 2


_thumbIMG_9985_2 - Version 2


_thumbIMG_1240 _thumbIMG_1192-2


2 thoughts on “Education matters… for everyone

  1. These pictures in your post are really beautiful and what makes them beautiful is the glitter of happiness and innocence of these kids.

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