As I look forward I glance back…

So its about to happen… I am moving!

Well to be honest I haven’t really been settled anywhere for the past 2 years and have essentially lived out a of a backpack with no fixed abode – its been an adventure! Moving somewhere new isn’t a huge drama – except those loved ones you leave behind each time. I am incredibly excited to be moving to Ethiopia and building a new place to call home. For now just a weeks stopover to meet some amazing colleagues, a new school, position & start setting big goals for the year. Then back to Rwanda for the remainder of summer before settling into life in Ethiopia in late July!

I thought I would dig up a couple of old images from the time I spent traveling to see a small part of Ethiopia in 2010 which blew me away! As you can imagine I am looking forward to get back to the rich culture, amazing food and people and throw myself into everything the country has to offer and learn so much more. I hope over the coming months and years I can break down some of the misconceptions you may have about Ethiopia and the images that come to mind when you think of this part of Africa.

I will start here…

Tucked away after a climb up a huge cliff to a church in a cave...

Tucked away in a hidden cave… in the hands of an 80 year old who climbed like spiderman up the cliff

Stepping into the light

Stepping into the light from a church in Lalibela

Taking a break

Taking a break


On a journey


_thumbIMG_8951 b&w


5 thoughts on “As I look forward I glance back…

  1. so happy for you tash…i know you will make a difference to the lives you will touch..much love and light on your new life…how long are you going to be in this new home:)

  2. Hi Tash, Will we see you in Rwanda in June-early July while the team is there? Wonderful photos – all the very best for your next adventure.

    Robyn Lindsay

    HOPE Global Team Leader – Kenya 2014

    Home Phone: 07 4091 5838

    Mobile: 0458915838


    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2014 14:16:21 +0000 To:

  3. All the best for your new home in Ethiopia and all that it brings – hopefully I make it there to visit. Give my love to Rwanda

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